We believe sustainability is crucial in the food industry, so we implement it throughout our restaurant from store design to the food we provide. In this day and age, we must all do our part to be environmentally friendly.


We source as much as we can from farmers we have partnered with here in Dallas as well as other domestic farmers. They work hard and smart to provide the freshest food to our door.


We like to stay in season. Produce that is in season will make an appearance on our menu and be added into our seasonal bowls. If our farmer is growing it, we’re going to be showing it. From farm to store, each Pōk partner and member has been trained on food safety to check that our food is both safe and delectable.


Our Albacore is wild caught from Fiji, and Japan.


Our salmon is sourced from Scotland where they are farmed responsibly with the proper diets, and no added hormones.


Our tuna is wild caught from the Pacific Ocean.